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Research Units

The Project groups five Research Teams:

  • UniPi, PoliMi and UniMe provide their experience at the system level, focusing on architectural aspects of WSN, with particular reference to energy harvesting problems (PoliMi), efficient energy and nodes resources management (UniPi, PoliMi), transmission reliability for the single nodes (UniPi), packet routing (UniMe, PoliMi) and middleware services(UniMe).
  • UniPmn, UniFi and UniMe contribute with their experience on modelling and quantitative evaluation methods focusing on themes related to the reliability, availability and quality of service evaluation in the monitoring network (UniPmn, UniMe) and in the system that integrates the monitoring network with the observed environment (UniFi).

The definition of application scenarios and the result evaluation will also involve industrial enterprises:

  • GE Oil&Gas: remote diagnosis, control and preventive maintenance of Oil&Gas plants;
  • Società Autostrade: data acquisition and information for motorway traffic support services;
  • STMicroelectronics:   monitoring and preventive maintenance of production lines within its own site;
  • GE Transportation Systems: railway signalling systems.
  • Rigel Engineering (PMI): industrial monitoring systems and decision support systems in the nautical sector.

According to the structure of the PRIN programme, the integration of researches is described within a Mod.A document:

Contributions of single research units are described within separate Mod.B documents: