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The WiseDemon project is structured in 5 workpackages:

  • WP1-APPLICATION SCENARIOS: A set of application scenarios are identified, analyzing their reliability requirements and defining the general characteristics of the WSN technology solutions that can be applied to each scenario.
  • WP2 - TECHNOLOGY OF THE MONITORING SYSTEM: Innovative solutions of energy harvesting, adaptive sensing, adaptive power management, network routing are studied, extending the usual cost, energy efficiency and network performance objectives with specific availability and predictability requirements needed for the application in critical scenarios.
  • WP3 - MODELING AND QUANTITATIVE EVALUATION: Reliability, availability and quality of service modelling and quantitative evaluation techniquesare studied, basing on extensions of the Markovian analysis, with reference to the technological characteristics of WSN and to the identified application scenarios. 
  • WP4 - INTEGRATION AND EXPERIMENTAL EVALUATION: The results of WP2 and WP3 are integrated along two different paradigms: the analysis techniques developed in WP3 are applied to the quantitative evaluation of solutions developed in WP2; on the contrary, the evaluation techniques that result to be executable on-line on the computational architecture of a WSN are integrated and employed as a predictive engine to support advanced network management strategies
  • WP5 - SYNTHESIS AND DISSEMINATION: The achieved results are cast in a synthesis framework which links application scenarios, problems, solutions, potentiality and applicability bounds . The advancement of the Project is documented on-line. At the end of the project a Workshop and School are planned, dedicated to the dissemination towards interested companies and the scientific community, with particular attention to PhD students and young researchers .